The Breathing classes have allowed me to truly experience gratitude and got me into a deeper understanding of my energetic blockages. I went into parts of my subconscious that I had completely forgot about and helped in healing my internal self through this wonderful class.


The transformation Ive made by incorporating proper nutrition and breathing techniques in my life through this coaching has brought me into a self sustained logical way to live my everyday life.


Ive been working on self care for years now. Vincenzo has shown me nothing but self love and growth that he shares with others. Having attended many classes and retreats hosted by others who have had years of experience and knowledge, I can truly attest that Vincenzo brings that to his space via his life experiences and applying his framework from his studies.


Ive spent the day integrating the emotions, memories and truths that surfaced from my experience and I'm excited for this breakthrough and where its leading me. Ive been waiting for this day for quite some time. Today you created the perfect space for me to feel safe enough that i could be vulnerable. This feels as significant as a two night plant medicine journey i went on. Thank you for helping create this amazing, pivotal moment in my healing journey. So much gratitude.