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Your Coach To Living A Optimal Life


As I embarked on a new journey back in 2019 I took one look in the mirror and realized it was time for significant changes to optimizing my health and wellness. I tried many "fad ' diets and magic pills but those were all temporary fixes. Finally i realized i had to tap into my inner self and find the strength within me to get healthy and live a permanently healthy lifestyle.

I learned and teach how to incorporate breathing, nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness practices all in one easy to follow modality.

I have lost 120lbs in a span of 15months and in that time I started to understand what works and what doesn't as I guided myself through this incredible journey.

Although everyone has different needs based on individual goals and starting points. I truly believes the foundations are all the same. I strive to create that foundation and help you guide yourself through your own journey with the use of proper breathing techniques, nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness.

I was already participating in weekly breathwork classes with my good friend and mentor (Giovanni Bartolomeo) when I realized that my breathing practices were slowly changing my life for the better.

"Yes" my breath was transforming my life.


Bringing breathing, nutrition, fitness, and meditation all together to create the most optimal life specifically catered to you. Through years of experience Ive created plans for people specifically catered to each individual.

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