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A Variety of Choice

I have developed a range of classes to fit the specific needs of my clients, including personal training. Whether you prefer group or personal training, take a look at what I offer and sign up for a session today.


Sundays @ 1030am

A stimulating way to activate the energies within you that no longer serve you clearing past emotions you may have lingering within you. This class is guaranteed to take your subconscious healing to the next level. Sign up today!


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Are you struggling in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness? Are you feeling tired, sick and anxious? Do you have a lot of emotions that don't serve you?
Let me coach you back to that optimal health we all deserve through my training and recognizing your breathing as the powerful life force it is.
The majority of society is breathing incorrectly. Don't be part of that statistical number.


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Through this 4+ week program we go through the breathing essentials and train you on how to breathe correctly while completely transforming your life. Breathing incorrectly is the main cause for so many terminal illness. Its also the best tool to help you get to your optimal health that we're all in search of. Join me on this healing journey and I promise you a absolute transformation of your body, mind, and spirt. All this requires is your belief in the inner power you've been born with already.

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